Why Propsearch? was designed with one goal in mind, to help you list and search faster, easier and better.

What makes us different? By understanding the needs of commercial real estate brokers, we have tailored our search tools to make searching for your next property quick and easy, and dare we say, fun.

Relevant Results Only

Sure it’s great to be able to see listings from all across the country or the globe, but how useful is that really?

By focusing on California only, we can provide results that are focused where you need them most, in your area.

Always Visible, All. The. Time.

We also understand that limited property visibility and confusing plan levels don’t accomplish our mission, to get you seen by potential customers, or help you find your next great deal. 

There are lots of choices out there for listing your property, but only is partnering with you to create the shortest distance between you and your customers.